What Cities Have The Best Live Music

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What Cities Have The Best Live Music?

Searching The United States For Live Music Venues
There are a number of amazing cities in the United States for live music. For instance, Charlotte, Austin, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angels, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Cleveland and Orlando are all major music cities. In fact, people travel to these cities exclusively for music festivals, events, concerts and rare performances. Part of what makes the United States such a beautiful and spectacular place is its resourcefulness for musicians and music fans. Furthermore, in almost every city in the United States, you will find some kind of music bar, club or venue that has music all week long.

What You Can Expect When You Travel To One of These Cities
One of the most famous music cities in the United States is Austin, Texas. This city features countless music festivals each year. In addition, Austin is very close to adjacent cities that specialize in music. For example, Austin is close to Dallas, Houston, Denton and San Antonio, which are all major music cities in their own right. Therefore, you should consider visiting the biggest cities for live music on your next vacation.

Outdoorsy Life in NC

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North Carolina lays claim to a lot of cool stuff. Delicious cuisine, storied history, a multitude of cities, and a flurry of top notch education all have a stake in making NC one of the best states to call home.

Of course, the state has so much more than the restaurants and buildings that span its geography. Go west, and you'll find yourself nestled in the Appalachian mountains. Go east, and you'll find yourself on the sunny shores of Wilmington. Really, you can't go wrong when it comes to the outdoor scene around North Carolina. It's got a little something for everyone.

While this site can give you some great recommendations on where to go and what to do around North Carolina's outdoors community (have you checked out Ashville or Boone?), the best way to experience it is by submerging yourself in the culture altogether. Finding your way around isn't too difficult; the people of the Carolinas are particularly friendly and accommodating.

Plus, some off-the-grid exposure can work wonders for your mental and physical health. With all the high tech gadgets and limitless connectivity we're given access to today, it's a nice detox to go without it for a period of time. North Carolina, while highly populated and forward-thinking, has plenty of places to completely detach and steep yourself in nature. Give it a shot!

What Cities Have The Best Live Music

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Fans of live music performances have many options when it comes to catching a show. Several cities across the U.S. are known for their musical heritages that continue to draw fans to these performances. People who are music lovers can make a vacation out of traveling to any or all of these locations.

Their vacation plans may vary with their taste in music, however. Fans of country western music often flock to Nashville, Tennessee where budding musicians and singers often sing in live venues. These shows draw thousands of followers each year and sometimes launch singers onto the national stage.

Blues and jazz fans can head a bit further to the west to Kansas City. Home to world-famous barbecue, the city also hosts hundreds of live venue performances each year. People who love to hear soulful and sultry jazz and blues music can get their fill in this Midwest city.

Up on the west coast of Washington State, Seattle continues to be the home of the grunge rock and roll scene. People who prefer the dark and brooding performances hallmarked by grunge rock can enjoy hearing from any number of upcoming bands if they head to the Seattle music scene.

What Cities Have The Best Live Music

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1. New Orleans
No matter where you go in New Orleans, there's a band playing, and it's probably an eclectic artist who you've never heard before. New Orleans is a soul city, and with that comes a lot of different music genres. From blues to jazz, you can find a new venue every night of the week with a new artist.

2. Austin
In Texas, everything's bigger and so is the music. Austin is the lifeblood of the music scene in this southern state. South by Southwest (SXSW) is also held here, an event with over 2,000 musical guests.

3. Nashville
Nashville is home to so many genres of music. Of course there's country, rock and roll and the blues, but it's also the birthplace of some amazing pop stars. Whether you're looking for Americana, rap or bluegrass, you'll find some kind of live music event to meld your mind.

4. Los Angeles
Every budding musician tries to make it in Hollywood and that leads itself to a lot of different music venues and concert halls. Regardless of what kind of music you love, you can find a new band playing any night of the week in one of Los Angeles' many bars.

5. Chicago
The Northern star of music, Chicago is home to some of the best blues, gospel and jazz musicians of all time.

The Best Sports In North Carolina

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The Best Sports In North Carolina

North Carolina is known for being the birthplace of the famous actor, Andy Griffith. "The Andy Griffith" show was loved by everyone across America for good, wholesome entertainment. The inspiration behind the fictional town of Mayberry could have been Mount Airy.

The small town once had a local economy of tobacco and textiles. Because of the actor's popularity, tourism soared. People flocked to Mount Airy trying to recapture some of the magic of the fictional characters. It was like being with Andy to go to the old restaurant that is mentioned in the show. The Snappy Lunch was built in 1929 and was the old landmark eatery. If you close your eyes you could almost see Andy, Aunt Bee and Opie having a family meal.

The Andy Griffith Museum is full of memorabilia from the role as small town sheriff of Mayberry. He also starred in the television legal drama,"Matlock." Andy Griffith could be proud of every character that he played. The lessons that we learned were take-home morals, and you could draw your own conclusion. He portrayed a confidence that we can believe in, and will always be part of America's childhood.

The Best Places To Eat In North Carolina

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North Carolina is a great place to visit and explore but when it's time to eat, there is nothing better than being able to locate the best restaurant. Here are some of the best places to dine while touring this state.

Green Valley Grill:
If you happen to be in Greensboro and need an excellent restaurant to dine, look no further than the Green Valley Grill. From the vaulted ceilings and spacious dining areas, to the excellent decoration and the beautiful ambience, there is nothing not to like here.

The cuisine is mainly continental that caters to everyone. The prices are very reasonable for the quality food served here, and their frozen Irishman desert is to die for.

Midwood Smokehouse:
Enjoy great barbecue food served on the patio on a beautiful summer day. Their combo platter consisting of ribs, brisket, pulled pork and smoked pork sausages should not be missed.

Bring the children along so they can also feast on Mac and Cheese, Pulled Pork sandwich and Hush Puppies, all served by friendly and attentive waiters.

18 Seaboard:
The atmosphere is great, the food is excellent, and the pleasant waiters offer attentive service. What's not to love at this restaurant? Start with their bacon appetizer, then savor the barbecued beef brisket or the grilled catfish, and end with their hot chocolate cake topped with roasted marshmallows. This dining experience at18 Seaboard in Raleigh will always be remembered.

The Best Places To Eat In North Carolina

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There are plenty of great places to eat in North Carolina, whether you're looking for authentic Carolina cuisine or just a good bite to eat. As a former Carolina resident, I can point you in the direction of a few of my favorites.

The first is King's Barbecue in Kinston, North Carolina. This down home joint has Eastern NC barbecue with all the trappings. Sweet and spicy vinegar sauce on pulled pork makes up their barbecue, sweet little fried hush puppies come on the side, and their fried chicken is to die for. They will also serve you up a bowl of the best Brunswick Stew you've ever eaten.

Another is Tir Na Nog in Raleigh, North Carolina. This small Irish pub serves up a mean burger and fries, but you can also find some more authentic Irish food there as well, such as corned beef and cabbage and hard tack style biscuits. Tir Na Nog is a great example of the varied culture of Raleigh.

Last but not least, Bojangles. Though it is a fast food chain, it was founded in NC and you cannot go 5 miles without seeing one. Their chicken is phenomenal, you can get breakfast all day, and I dare you not to fall in love with a sweet glazed bo-berry biscuit.

The Best Sports In North Carolina

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North Carolina has numerous sports that individuals take part in regular. Little league is popular for kids and their parents. The children love beginning baseball by playing t-ball at a very young age. After t-ball, the child will begin little league baseball. Having children and parents in the same venue routing on a team is a special time in a child's life. These games can develop a sense of accomplishment in a child that will affect their way of thinking about other things they do in life.

Basketball and football is very high on the list for North Carolina sports. There is competition amongst the North Carolina college teams that keep basketball and football fans intrigued in the sport. Things such as the ACC tournament and the NCAA contest will keep a fan watching throughout the whole basketball season. The whole world is intrigued when it comes to NCAA brackets and which team will win the season.

Golf is important to people in North Carolina. Every city and town has at least one place to play golf. Golfing is relaxing and a sport that young and old take part in weekly. Improving the score with a golf game will mean many weekends practicing hitting the ball and scoring the putt.

The Best Sports In North Carolina

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When it comes to sports inside the state of North Carolina, there really isn't any question at all. College basketball is the end all, be all of sports inside the state. All of the major colleges are located within only a few miles of one another, and have a high tradition of winning. The college football teams are more or less a wash, Everett ADT Home Security, no matter the year, so this isn't as much of a calling. Of course, professional football is still a draw, but it is always going to be college basketball. Duke and North Carolina are some of the major power houses inside the state of college basketball and there is a very torrid fan base, at least in the state. Plus, North Caroline State is located near these other two schools, which just adds to the flavor of college basketball in the state. The Carolina Panthers do provide some entertainment within the NFL, so for anyone looking to enjoy professional football, this team, while one of the newest in the league, has been to the Super Bowl recently, not to mention the NFC championship game several times. So there is always this option available to you if you enjoy football.